domenica 29 agosto 2010

Thrash to the puss - 5 way split free digital download

Here is another release that will make happy all the powerviolence lovers: Thrash to the puss is the title of this five bands split you can stream or download here. One song for each band and a total playing time that hardly passes four minutes. I don't go crazy for the first two band, while I think both Unlearned and xharoldshitmanx songs rule, and the You suck!'s one isn't bad, too! Fast, short and loud!
Check out more about the bands on their MySpaces and show them your support!

lunedì 3 maggio 2010

Pianoearthquaqe - S/t one sided silk screened 12"+cd-r

Beautiful, isn't it?

Download it here, then buy your copy!

venerdì 19 marzo 2010

xHarold Shitmanx

Does someone miss the powerviolence bands of the good old times?
If so, xHarold Shitmanx from Perth, Scotland will definitely be the answer to your need for your daily dose of fastness, sarcasm and distorsions. They have formed in early 2009 and aimed to play in the Spazz, Weekend Nachos, Charlies Bronson,Uzi Suicide style. Well, they completely achieved the goal! Sick, sick, sick! Killer band! Check their MySpace and give a listen to their stuff, you will not regret. 
As usual, dont forget to support them: get in touch, buy some stuff, spread the word!

venerdì 5 febbraio 2010

The Monaco heartattack - S/t 7" ep

Great emo-violence from Malaysia on this 7", the first one from The Monaco earthattack. 254 copies only printed, with various colours hand screened covers and different colours vinyl (my copy is one of the 156 on clear blue marbled vinyl), co-released in 2009 by Apocaplexy records and Superflous records, both from Germany.
Five songs in six minutes, so they are powerful fast and chaotic but with a touch of melody. The only lack of this 7" is that it is so short! I like them a lot and I hope they will release some new stuff soon, as I want more!
Check their MySpace
to take a listen to their music and you will not be disappointed and, as always, don't forget to support the band: get in touch, buy some stuff, pass the word!