sabato 5 dicembre 2009

Another really nice band!

Distanti is another really nice new band from Italy, with former members from Endless inertia, Venezia, April comes in june and other bands .
They come from Forlì, (some of their fellow citizens are/were La Quiete, Raein, Neil on Impression, Endless inertia, and others) and play a highly enjoyable mix between punk, and a little of screamo with a little wave touch, that reminds me of La Quiete and Altro, even sounding like none of these.
Their first cd contains six songs, sung in Italian language, short, melodic and catchy but with a kind of dark and bittersweet mood in the lyrics.
You can listen to some of the tracks from their debut cd on their MySpace and support them by buying some stuff, getting in touch with them, passing the word and so on...
Here are some clips of them, live and not, enjoy!


sabato 7 novembre 2009

venerdì 6 novembre 2009

Last weekend...

... finally I've had the pleasure to meet for the first time my friends Un quarto morto, when they came and played two concerts in Sardinia, Italy, that is the place where I live, last weekend of October. Un quarto morto is an Italian fastcore band from Fano who have been around for some years, now. Until now they made three 7" and took part in two compilations. They are four really nice guys and their live shows are fast, powerful and intense.
Un quarto morto's discography cd "Il dono della sintesi" (The gift of synthesis, in English) will be out in some weeks and will contain everything they recorded and released on 7" until now plus one unreleased song and one live song.
Check out their MySpace and
don't forget to support the band: get in touch, buy some stuff, pass the word!

sabato 31 ottobre 2009

Check this great bands out!

Do you want to listen to some awesome bands from Italy?

One of my favourite these days is Pianoearthquake that pulled out their first cd last september. Inside a really nice package the cd contains four tracks of mid-tempo screamo hardcore with crossed arpeggios and smoothly distorted guitar parts that alternate with atmospheric changeovers and faster, angrier riffs. Great recording and awesome vocals. A vinyl version is in the work, too.

Novemberthird is another band that have just put out their first demo: two songs and less than 10 minutes of music that reminds me of some great bands that I won't mention. Passionate, screamed hardcore with slow breaks and epic parts.

Take a listen and you definitely won't regret! And don't forget to support the bands: get in touch, buy some stuff, pass the word!



domenica 25 ottobre 2009

Cry me a river 2008!

Last year I have spent a week on a vacation in Germany with my girlfriend and we went to the Cry me a river fest in in Versmold (Wöstenkrug).
It was awesome.
Here are some photos of the fest.

Unnamed is back!

Hello everybody!
As you can see, this is my first post on this blog.
Being the first time I make a blog, I can offer no guarantees about the results, but you can be sure I will try my best.
Something about me: I am a not so young small town boy and I used to make a diy paper zine between about 1997 and early 2001. It was called Unnamed and was about all kinds of hardcore punk.
Then I kept on telling me: next week I will start a new issue, next month I will start a new issue, next season I will start a new issue, and the years passed. As times have changed, and I am still so lazy, I decided to make a blog to talk about the music and the other things that make my life more liveable.
Let me know what you think about it.


P.S. If you want to know something more about me check this: