sabato 5 dicembre 2009

Another really nice band!

Distanti is another really nice new band from Italy, with former members from Endless inertia, Venezia, April comes in june and other bands .
They come from Forlì, (some of their fellow citizens are/were La Quiete, Raein, Neil on Impression, Endless inertia, and others) and play a highly enjoyable mix between punk, and a little of screamo with a little wave touch, that reminds me of La Quiete and Altro, even sounding like none of these.
Their first cd contains six songs, sung in Italian language, short, melodic and catchy but with a kind of dark and bittersweet mood in the lyrics.
You can listen to some of the tracks from their debut cd on their MySpace and support them by buying some stuff, getting in touch with them, passing the word and so on...
Here are some clips of them, live and not, enjoy!


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