venerdì 6 novembre 2009

Last weekend...

... finally I've had the pleasure to meet for the first time my friends Un quarto morto, when they came and played two concerts in Sardinia, Italy, that is the place where I live, last weekend of October. Un quarto morto is an Italian fastcore band from Fano who have been around for some years, now. Until now they made three 7" and took part in two compilations. They are four really nice guys and their live shows are fast, powerful and intense.
Un quarto morto's discography cd "Il dono della sintesi" (The gift of synthesis, in English) will be out in some weeks and will contain everything they recorded and released on 7" until now plus one unreleased song and one live song.
Check out their MySpace and
don't forget to support the band: get in touch, buy some stuff, pass the word!

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